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Not Found when viewing depot documents with the default display page template on a connected site



       Step to reproduce:

      1. Add an asset library named Test AL > Add a document type with a text field in it > Add a document with this type
      2. Add a new site named Test Site Name
      3. Connect the site to the asset library and make structures available
      4. Go to Test Site Name > Design > Page Templates > Display page templates
      5. Add > Click on the blank
      6. Name: Input display page template name
      7. Content type: Document
      8. Subtype: Document type from AL and select it
      9. Save
      10. Add a Fragment "Banner" to left
      11. Remap the Heading to basic infomation>"Title"
      12. Remap the paragraph to Content>Text
      13. Publish> Set the new display page template as default
      14. Add a new page with an asset publisher widget to the site
      15. Configure the widget scope to include the asset library
      16. Go to Test AL to add a document using the added document type
      17. Go to the added page with AP to click the document title to view it

       Expected Results:
      The document is displayed.

       Current Results:
      Not Found error is displayed.

      Reproduced on:
      Tomcat 9.0.56 + MySQL 5.7. Portal master GIT ID: 308e19813abc19d6ee89cdc54bf0aeb81ae33b92


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