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      In the previous epic, we have enabled CSS and JS extensions as the main extensions to apply an external Design System into LXC, without the dependency on the Theme.

      During this process, we have identified several gaps, listed here:

      Among these gaps, one of the key gaps is the fact that design systems are not only CSS and JS, but they usually provide a wide set of design assets to be used for site building.

      We can differentiate two types:

      1. design resources referenced from the CSS. Usually, images for backgrounds, fonts and sometimes icons.
      2. Design resources referenced from the components' HTML. Usually, design images like logos, and most of the times, icons used.

      The first type will be addressed by FI, so that CSS Extensions can host design resources and refrences are kept.

      This Epic intends to cover the necessary improvements for the second type. This is, how to add design resources to the system so that they are referenced/used by the Design System components. 

      Ideally, Resources section available for each Fragment set is ideal, but some improvements have been identified. 


      • Increase file types that are valid in fragment Resources: svg, ico - check if there is a property for this (system setting)
      • Allow multiple files load.
      • Allow folders creation.
      • Allow to add folders with files, so that the folder/files structure is copied.

      Nice to have:

      • Simplify the process, in particular, when we have multiple file upload (for individual files, it's not a problem).
        • Right now, steps are:
          • upload
          • edit (preview not available if it is not an image)
          • Save
          • Saved image (non editable)
        • We should have a process similar to docs & media:
          • upload + auto save (no edit in between)
          • option to edit afterwards. Allow to edit files (especially images) from the uploaded documents list.
      •  Allow drag & Drop of resources from the main resources tab (now users have to click on the + button).
      • Allow folders load with drag&drop (to be aligned with Lima, not available on Docs&Media yet).


      • To be discussed: find a way to enable fragment sets with resources to be imported with Global Scope.




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