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When Private Pages are disabled as a site admin I would still like the ability to make the current page "not public"



      In a world without private pages such a page can be achieved by changing the permissions of the page to remove guess access to view (though private pages were more involved than that). Unfortunately because Private Pages mean something else and are more involved than view permissions a new page name should be implemented such as a restricted page to cover these basic needs. If there are more advanced needs the portal admin can upgrade to a more robust set of features in Private Pages for their install.

      We obviously need to avoid contributing even more confusion by calling these new page permissions public and private right away since those terms already are in use and mean something else.


      "Restricted Pages" become the first step on the way towards full private pages. The baby steps so as not to confuse users?

      It would be very helpful if there was a section on the ellipsis menu for a page to make it private. This would apply the "remove guest access" checkbox filter. Then the pages tree dropdown would need to show me my "Restricted Pages" so that when I want to make the page public again I would use the menu to select "Make Public" and this would apply the guest permissions filter back to the page.

      Ability to change the privacy of a page between restricted and non-restricted.


      To add restrictions (remove guest view - make "private")

      To lift restrictions (add guest view - make "public")


      For those people that don't want to use public and private pages ... but still want the ability to control page privacy. This could be great! We just need a way forward that doesn't take away the feature people need most (the ability to take a page out of public view).

      This leaves the door open then in the future when all private pages have been migrated to "restricted pages" they could be renamed back to private pages.

      Currently there is no obvious UI mechanism for adding a "private" page or for restricting the view of a page so that it is no longer public. This would be the page permissions instead, but that's not too intuitive. And with that no way to change it back in the UI that relates to "Page Privacy" without diving into permissions. Permissions are not too intuitive so I thought this maybe a better approach (it would still act on the permissions),


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