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Request to extend Liferay's Object form support to include Attachment fields


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      This is a feature request to extend Liferay's Object form support to include Attachment fields.

      The goal is to be able to fully leverage Liferay Object features while allowing user data entry via Liferay Forms.  Using Liferay Forms allows customers to maintain a unified look and feel with other data entry on their system using a low-code solution.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Create new Liferay Object at the Company scope (Control Panel > Objects > Create New > Save)
      2. Add new Upload field (View Object created in Step 1 > Ensure Scope is "Company" > Fields > Add Object Field. Type: "Attachment", Request Files: "Upload or Select from Documents and Media Item Selector")
      3. Save and Publish this new Object
      4. Navigate to Global site and create a new Form (Global Site > Content and Data > Forms)
      5. Open the new form's Settings, select Storage Type: Object - then select your newly published Object
      6. Drag an Upload field into the designer
      7. Select the Advanced tab and try to map the field to the Object field. Observe that the new custom Object's field is not available to map.


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