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      Task 1: We need to decide about the "hiding" of the features before we send them to master. 3 types of features form release / feature flag perspective:

      • New module: easy to hide
      • New feature on top of something with UI: we can hide with the UI
      • New features where we change the framework or other things which are hard or impossible to hide
        • We need to find a solution for this on demand
        • General expectation from the Engineering department:
          • Confluence resources about the rules: Feature Flags and Release Feature Flags
          • Difference between Release flag, Feature flag and Release-Feature flag:
            • Feature Flag is to hide features completely that are not ready enough to share to the customers (for example, using temporary files with FF in the beginning of their name for new config entries).
            • Release Flag is for holding back the feature or new part of a feature from releases (for example with the .lfrbuild-releng-ignore file).
            • Release Feature Flag in turn, is a switcher with which the customers can activate a new feature if they want to use that which has been already released in their version (like Stian’s SAML configuration field mapping modification with a new way of mapping implemented in 2021)
          • We have to hide the UI for unfinished features.
          • Hiding configuration part: Having temporary files. There are FF* classes in the git history. Such temporary classes should be used for config “hiding”. Permanent files with an FF at the beginning in the name of the file.

       Task 2: Check the new app.bnd are added before we send it to merge.

       Task 3: Remove flag before we close the Story

      • We only release new features after it is passed on QA review.
      • We only release Stories after we don’t have connected bugs higher than FP3 priority.
      • We release new features if it gives value to customers




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