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Extensions applied to a Master and a Page in a Site Template are not present when creating a site from that site template


    When I create a Site Template and I define extensions to be applied to its pages (Master Page, pages using that Master page), and then I create a site using this site template, extensions do not appear in the Master or Pages of the created site.

    Steps to reproduce:

    • Create some extensions: Theme CSS, Global CSS, Global Javascript
    • Create a Site Template
    • Create a Master Page in the Site Template, go to page design options and add extensions to it (e.g. Theme CSS extension and JS extension)
    • Inside the Site Template, create a page using this Master. Extensions in MAster appear as read-only. 
    • Add new extensions to this page.
    • Now, create a site starting from this site template.

    Expected result:

    • In the created site, I have a Master Page that already contains the extensions assigned in the Site Template
    • The Page I created has the extensions of its Master and the extensions added to it.

    Actual behavior:

    • The Master page of the site does not have any extensions (no Theme CSS, Global CSS or Global JS).
    • The Page created from this Master does not have any extensions applied either.


    Additional note:

    • Exporting a site that contains pages with Client Extensions assigned, and then import it back on a new site, pages lose their extensions as well.
    • if the import happens into a new instance, not having the extensions provisioned, the import process fails. 


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