Test Case 1: Smoke

      1. Create an Account
      2. Assert there is a text input for External Reference Code when on the Edit Account screen.
      3. Edit to any value different from original. 
      4. Save and assert the External Reference Code has new value. 

      Test Case 2: Using very long External Reference Code: 

      1. Same setup as Test Case 1.
      2. Type in very long code (around 100 characters)
      3. Click Save.
        • Expected Results: Error/Warning in UI saying "Please enter no more than x characters" like the input for Tax ID.
        • Actual Results: No error in UI or indication that input was too long. 

      Test Case 3: Smoke with Account Groups

      1. Create a new Account Group.
      2. Give it an ERC
      3. Save.
      4. Assert that ERC is saved and viewable in UI.

      Test Case 4: Edit ERC in Account Groups

      1. Edit the Account Group created in Test Case 3.
      2. Give it updated ERC.
      3. Save.
      4. Assert ERC has new value

      Test Case 5: Regular Role (Add Account Group) with permissions

      1. Create a user
      2. Create a regular role with permissions to add an account group and access to account groups in the control panel
      3. Assign that role to the user. 
      4. Sign in as user and create a new account group. 
      5. Enter an ERC
      6. Save and assert ERC value
      7. Edit the account group with a different ERC value
      8. Assert new ERC value
        (Note: test other cases as a user with these permissions instead of Test Test user)

      Test Case 6: Regular Role (Add Account Entry)

      1. Create User
      2. Create regular role with permissions to add an account entry and access to account in the control panel.
      3. Assign that role to the user. 
      4. Sign in as user and create a new account
      5. Edit the account to use a different ERC 
      6. Save and assert new ERC value

      Test Case 7: No duplicate ERC allowed.

      1. Create an Account Group with a ERC of "1234"
      2. Create a 2nd Account Group and attempt saving the same ERC.
      3. Assert Error:The given external reference code belongs to another account group.
      4. Assert the 2nd account group is not saved/present in account groups page.




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