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      When a user with restricted access searches for documents it shows results from a folder that it has no access to, it only shows the correct number when navigating to the last page of the search results.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Set up a Liferay DXP 7.3 FP2 environment
      2. Create a new role with the following permissions:
        • Asset Library Settings > Asset Library Entry: View Site and Asset Library Administration Menu
        • Documents and Media: Access in Site and Asset Library Administration
        • Documents and Media > Documents: View
        • Site Settings > Site: View Site and Asset Library Administration Menu 
      3. Create a new user and assign it to this role
      4. Create two folders in Documents and Media and make it viewable by Owner and remove any extra permission when clicking the More Option button:
        • for one of the folders set the permission for the previously created role, but no guest and site member permissions
        • for the other folder set no guest and site member permission
      5. Upload a bunch of files to each folder (I have uploaded the same amount of pdf's to each folder) and make sure to switch to viewable only by the owner and remove any permission under the 'More Option' button
        Checkpoint: both folders has the owner permission, and one of them the created role. The files in both folder have guest, owner and site view permission (not the created). ps: another bug, the files does not inherit the permission they are uploaded to.
      6. Now impersonate the user/log in with the user and search for a keyword that list the files (in my case it was 'jpg')

      Actual result: The search result count shows the number of all the files from both folders (because of the guest permission) and once you reach the end of the result page (or the file number in one of the folders) it shows the count of just one folder, and the pagination is wrong too
      Expected result: The search counter shows the correct number on every page and the pagination is correct


      • the video with the changing counters and pages
      • the pictures showing the permissions of the folders for clarity

      Reproduced and tested on:

       liferay-portal-7.3.x-private @b0743fba0e99ebc4a4c8265b5ae5d430da376b5b




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