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Non-administrator users are unable to add user to/remove user from user group



      I created a role that allows access to Add/Remove Users from User Groups (UserGroupPower.JPG)
      I added the role to a newly created user called "Commander 1"
      I created a user who has no roles/organizations/communities called "Peon 1".

      When I try to add "Peon 1" to the User Group by "Commander 1" the user does not appear in the list of choices to add (Commander_View.JPG).
      If I try the same thing but through an Administrator, like Bruno, all users appear (Bruno_View.JPG).

      If I add any organization onto "Peon 1", the user is available to add by "Commander 1".
      Why should I have to add an organization onto "Peon 1" to view him?


      Also if I add the role to an Organization and then add "Commander 1" to the Organization, instead of the role, only "Commander 1" appears in the list of people to add to any User Group (UserGroup_with_Organization.JPG).

      It doesn't seem to make much sense to have the only people available to be chosen to the User Group by a sub-administrator to also have access to choose other people in the same organization. This makes the non-admins available to make changes also.


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