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Clicking on Private Pages tab in Item Selector causes the portlet to be unavailable



      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Start Liferay
      2. Enable Private Pages
      3. Create a private page (page-1) in Liferay site
      4. Create a new site (site-1)
      5. Create a Web Content inside site-1.
      6. Under content, click on the Link icon and click on Browse Server option.
      7. An item selector window will pop up scoped to site-1.
        Notice that there is no Private Pages tab because site-1 does not have any private pages. 
      8. Under the Documents and Media tab, navigate to Liferay site by clicking on Sites and Asset Libraries and then selecting Liferay.
      9. The Private Pages tab appears because the selected tab is scoped to the Liferay site which had private pages.
      10. Hover over the Private Pages tab and look at the URL at the bottom of the screen. Notice that the URL navigates to the site-1 site.
      11. Now click on the Private Pages tab.

      Actual behavior:
      Error shows saying 'Document Selector is temporarily unavailable' because site-1 does not have any Private Pages.

      Expected behavior:
      Since the generation of the Portlet URLs of the tabs does not correlate to the scoped site, then the visibility of Private Pages tab should not be dependent on whether the scoped site has existing private pages. The tab should always be visible and behave the same way as the Public Pages tab 


      Reproduced on master 0bbf07b871760715a163a8acf19724bd9a2fabc1




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