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WebXMLBuilder does'nt work with empty web-app tag (without explicit closing tag)



      I use LIDE 1.2 in order to build an ext plugin.

      All is perfect inside LIDE, with an attached LP6.0.5 bundle : my ext is deployed and run as expected.

      Now, I'm trying do build my ext for a deployment on a production server.
      I've launch the ant "deploy" task from Eclipse, that generate me a war for my ext.
      Next I've pasted this war on the deploy dir of my running server.
      The deployment start, the war is copied end expanded in /webapps and BOUM : I've this error :
      09:16:52,796 INFO [ExtHotDeployListener:137] Registering extension environment for my-ext
      java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException: String index out of range: -321
      at java.lang.String.substring(String.java:1937)
      at com.liferay.portal.tools.WebXMLBuilder.<init>(WebXMLBuilder.java:96)
      at com.liferay.portal.tools.WebXMLBuilder.main(WebXMLBuilder.java:44)

      And of course, my ext isn't deployed (the ROOT app has no changes).

      I reproduced it on a fresh new install of a Liferay bundle (6.0.5 or 6.0.6).

      Why does it work well inside LIDE and not outside ? Does LIDE do "something" more than just paste the war inside a deploy dir ?

      => ANSWER :

      The error was coming from the web.xml parsing by WebXMLBuilder. The method look for "<web-app" tag and "/web-app>". BUT, by default the web.xml file in an ext plugin created from IDE contains a <web-app ..../> tag ! So the parsing failed and the deployment goes down...

      -----Code from WebXMLBuilder.WebXMLBuilder() method--------
      String customContent = FileUtil.read(customWebXML);

      int x = customContent.indexOf("<web-app");

      x = customContent.indexOf(">", x) + 1;

      int y = customContent.indexOf("</web-app>");

      customContent = customContent.substring(x, y);

      String originalContent = FileUtil.read(originalWebXML);

      int z = originalContent.indexOf("<web-app");

      z = originalContent.indexOf(">", z) + 1;

      String mergedContent =
      originalContent.substring(0, z) + customContent +
      originalContent.substring(z, originalContent.length());

      mergedContent = organizeWebXML(mergedContent);

      FileUtil.write(mergedWebXML, mergedContent, true);

      The problem should be the same from the direct-deploy ant script, but it doesn't revert the whole deployment process as from the hotdeploy listener.

      The above code should be corrected in order to take care of this case...




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