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Liferay is not exporting empty IG folders and unused images


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      When exporting layout sets (e.g. private pages of an organization) content of the image gallery is only exported if it is used, e.g. in web contents

      1. Add organzations One and Two
      2. In One-
      i. Create a folder with an Image(A) that wont be used
      ii. Create a folder with an Image(B), Image(C), Image(D)
      iii. Create Web Content(1) with the Image(B) and Web Content(2) with the Image(C)
      iv. Add a web content display portlet showing Web Content(1) on a public page
      3. Export the public page with the Data: Image Gallery checked
      4. In Two, import the .lar created
      5. Go to the image gallery of Two

      Results: User will only see Image(B), and not the rest of the images. Even though Image(C) is used in a web content, but it wasn't exported because it wasn't on the pages exported.
      My expectation is that all checked content is exported, e.g. I want to create a folder structure on test and import it to production to have the user fill it with pictures that may later be used in web content or else. I also may want to upload some pictures that people may use before uploading their own pictures.

      I assume the same should be checked for tags, categories and other content-related (document??) features

      What's the intention behind this behavior.

      Thanks for listening (reading)




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