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Related Assets widget not showing articles from other sites.



      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Start Liferay Portal 
      2. Create a piece of Web Content (Content & Data > Web Content > New > Basic Web Content)
        • Enter title: DXP Article 1
        • Leave everything else with the default values.
        • Publish.
      3. Create another piece of Web Content
        • Enter title: DXP Article 2
        • Add DXP Article 1 as a related Asset.
        • Publish.
      4. Create a new site (Control Panel > Sites > New)
        • Choose Blank Site template
        • Name the site: Alternate Site
        • Accept all of the default values
        • Add
      5. Create a piece of Web Content on Alternate Site
        • Enter title: Alternate Site Article
        • Add DXP Article 1 from the default Liferay DXP site, as a related Asset.
        • Leave everything else with the default values.
        • Publish.
      6. Navigate to the default site (Liferay DXP), and the Home page.
      7. Add an Asset Publisher to the Page.
      8. Configure the Asset Publisher Widget
        • Asset Selection Tab > Asset Selection:Manual
        • Asset Selection Tab > Asset Entries: Basic Web Content > Select: DXP Article 1
        • Display Settings Tab > Display Template: Full Content
        • Display Settings Tab > Show Asset Title: Yes
        • Display Settings Tab > Show and Set > Set as the Default Asset Publisher for This Page: Yes/Check
        • Display Settings Tab > Enable > Related Assets
        • Save.
      9. Add a Related Assets Widget to the page
      10. Check the configuration the Related Assets Widget
        • Confirm that there are no filters set.
        • Save.
      11. Publish the (Home) page.

      Expected Result
      The Related Assets widget shows all related assets from the article (DXP Article 1) shown in the main Asset Publisher.

      Actual Result
      The Related Asset widget only shows related assets from the current site. 


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