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      Once you complete your test, please do the following:

      • Run SF locally and fix any SF related errors. Fix them in the commit that caused it, do not make a separate SF commit!
      • Attach the index.html of your passing test to the ticket
      • Send your PR to liferay-bpm-qa for review. Please use the following format:

      For object related questions, please ask in #t-dxp-bpm-qa

      Test Description:
       LPS-158478 - Verify it's possible to add many custom fields in the custom layout

      Test Priority: 4

      Test Scenario:
      Given: An object with 20 custom fields
      When: The user is managing a layout
      Then: *All fields can be added to the layout

      Test Steps:

      1. Create a custom object via API
        1. Follow the object naming convention in Object.testcase, "Custom Object ${ticketNumber}"
      2. Add 20 text fields via API
      3. Add a layout via API
      4. Go to the Object admin page
      5. Go to the custom object
      6. Go to the Layouts tab
      7. View the layout
      8. Mark it as default
      9. Go to the Layout tab
      10. Add a tab with the field
      11. Add all custom fields to the layout
      12. Save the layout
      13. Publish the object via API
      14. Add entries on all custom fields
      15. Assert that all entries are added




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