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    • 5.2.X EE, 6.0.12 EE, 6.1.0 CE RC1
    • 6.2.X EE, 7.0.0 M6
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    • Tomcat 6.0.32 + MySQL5. 5.2.x Revision 85072
      Tomcat 6.0.32 + MySQL5. 6.0.x Revision 85033
      Tomcat 6.0.32 + MySQL5. 6.1.x Revision 85033
    • 6.0.x, 5.2.x
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      Wiki subscription, Blogs subscription and Message Boards subscriptions are broken within the scoped portlet. An email notification is not sent if the portlet is scoped to Current Page. Subscription is broken any time an entry is added or edited.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Set up Mail in Server Administration
      2. Navigate to Public Guest
      3. Add a Blogs Portlet
      4. Click Permissions button, Flag Subscribe near Users
      5. Navigate to Configuration for the Blogs Portlet
        • Change the Email From email
        • Enable Entry Added Email, Entry Updated Email
      6. Create another user Test2.
      7. Login as Test2
        • Subscribe to the Blog.
      8. Login as Test and add a blog entry.
      9. Check email for notification. URL given works. New "Email From", "Entry Added Email" content, etc. shows up
      10. Change the scope of the blog to "Current Page"
      11. Login as Test2 and subscribe to the Blog again.
      12. Login as Test and Add a new blog entry.
      13. Check email for notification
        • Test2 doesn't get email
        • Test2's subscription is removed.

      Scoped WIKI = WIKI portlet with the scope set to the current page.
      If someone subscribes to the WIKI node in scoped WIKI, it is accidentally unsubscribed when someone else makes any change to that WIKI (so instead of being informed it is subscribed completely).
      If someone subscribes to the WIKI page in scoped WIKI, it is automatically unsubscribed when he makes any change to that WIKI page.
      Both works as expected in non scoped WIKIs.


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