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Workflow on document library does not act correctly when someone tries to upload a new version of a document that is already on Liferay and is involved in the pubblication workflow.



      We have Liferay Portal Enterprise Edition 6.0 EE SP1 (Bunyan / Build 6011 / January 13, 2011) and have configured a liferay portal with only private pages.
      We have an organization and a document library inside it and we have activate Single Approver on document library.

      I login as liferay admin and upload a document (e.g. MoM_yyyymmdd_V01.pdf).
      Then I go to My Workflow Tasks and I select the task on MoM_yyyymmdd_V01.pdf file and I assign to me this task.
      Then I read this document and I realize that something is missing and I decide to add a paragraph and to add a new version of the last MoM.
      So I select this task (Task:Review, Status: Pending) and the I click on Edit link to upload the new version of the Mom.
      I browse on my file system, I select the new version of the document (file size of the new file is minor than the first one), I write the new Title MoM_yyyymmdd_V02 and a new Description for this new version of the document.
      Then I click on the Save button and Liferay shows the following message: Your request processed successfully.
      So I come back to the document library and select the file involved in this process and realize that:
      1. the document version is 1.0 instead of 1.1 (see VersionHistory.jpg)
      2. file name is not changed;
      3. file size shown in the right panel is not updated (see VersionHistory.jpg)
      4. file size in the Version History panel is updated (see VersionHistory.jpg)
      5. if I repeat this process and I upload a second file with file size major of the first file than is not possible to see the file anymore (see FileSizeMajor.jpg)

      As a matter of fact it seems that version history does not work properly with documents involved in workflow processes and the workflow works only if noone needs to update documents but it's almost impossible in a approvement process cycle...

      As a last topic we have realized that in the Activities section even if I assign a task to another person Liferay trace that the new user has assigned the task to himself.

      Please let us know If there are some patches or fixes planned to solve these points and which are your plans about these topics.


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