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"Kill Session" on monitoring fails to kill a session if user selects 'Remember Me' on login.



      1. Add portal-ext.properties: live.users.enabled=true
      2. Start Tomcat.
      3. Login liferay "test@liferay.com".
      4. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Users"
      5. Add a User.
        • Click 'Add'
        • Fill in the 'Screen Name' field.
        • Fill in the 'Email Address' field.
        • Fill in the 'First Name' field.
        • Fill in the 'Last Name' field.
        • Click 'Save'.
        • Click the 'Password' tab on the Blue Menu on the right.
        • Fill in the 'New Password' field.
        • Fill in the 'Enter Again' field w/ the same password.
        • Click 'Save'.
      6. Login as the new user in a different browser w/ Remember Me checked.
        • Fill in the 'Email Address' field w/ the newly created user's email address.
        • Fill in the 'Password' field.
        • Check off the Remember Me check box.
        • Click 'Sign In'.
      7. As test@liferay.com, navigate to "Control Panel -> Monitoring"
      8. Kill the new user's session.
        • Click on the new user's Session.
        • Click 'Kill Session'.
      9. As the new user, refresh the page.

      • The user will still be logged into the portal.


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