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Problem in Alfresco Integration (3.4) with Liferay 5.2.2


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      We are integrating Alfresco 3.4.1 Enterprise version with Liferay 5.2.2 for content and Document Management. We wish that our existing portlet like document library, message board Wikis and blogs etc should be able to store contents and document in alfresco repository. Currently we are using Jack Rabbit as content repository. We are trying to integrate using CMIS hook as available in Liferay 6.0

      Following steps are being executed by us
      1.Change portal-ext.properties file
      a) cmis.credentials.username=admin
      b) cmis.credentials.password=admin
      c) cmis.repository.url=http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/cmis
      d) cmis.repository.version=1.0
      e) cmis.system.root.dir=Liferay Home
      f) dl.hook.impl = com.liferay.documentlibrary.util.CMISHook
      2.Deployed alfresco 3.4.1 on separate tomcat server.
      3.Able to receive xml file using url http://localhost:8080/alfresco/service/api/cmis
      4.Copied code of CMIS hook from Lifer 6.0 into Liferay 5.2.2 and copied relevant files referenced in CMIS hook interface
      5.Also tried to merge the code for CMIS hook but resulted in exceptions.

      After performing above steps, we were unable to start the server; it gave an error of Bean Creation Exception.
      Please let us know the steps of integration in case they are different than what we followed
      Your early response would be highly appreciated




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