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Web Content - Web content does not update according to edits to the template in the launch editor



      After adding web content with a structure and template, editing the template doesn't update the web content accordingly. The web content will be stuck with the template the first time the template was saved.

      **This was previously working on:
      Tomcat 5.5.27 + MySQL 5. 5.2.9 EE Revision 65671.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a web content display portlet
      2. Click the "Add Web Content" icon
      3. Click "Select" next to Structure
      4. Click "Add Structure"
      5. Enter a name and description for the structure and flag "Autogenerate ID"
      6. Under XML Schema Definition, add a Text Area (HTML) row and name it "Body"
      7. Click "Save" and select the newly created structure
      8. Click "Select" next to Template
      9. Click "Add Template"
      10. Enter a name and description for the template (Flag Autogenerate ID for 5.2.x)
      11. Click "Select" next to Structure and select the structure created in Steps 4-8
      12. Click "Launch Editor" to open the launch editor and enter the following:

      <h2>Web Content Header</h2>

      14. Click "Update"
      15. Click "Save" and select the newly created template
      16. Enter a name for the Web Content in the Name field (5.2.x and 6.0.x) or the Title field (6.1.x)
      17. Enter content into the Body field
      18. Click "Save and Approve". "Web Content Header" will display as the header and the content entered in Step 17 will display below it.
      19. Click the "Edit Template" icon and click "Launch Editor" and edit the template (e.g. change "<h2>Web Content Header</h2>" to "<h2>Web Content Header Edited</h2>") and click "Update"
      20. Click "Save". The content displayed will not reflect the changes made in Step 19.

      **The web content will update correctly according to the template upon restarting Liferay


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