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    • Affects Version/s: 6.0.6 GA, 6.0.11 EE
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      Liferay 6.0 EE Sp1


      This is somewhat related to LPS-7130 but perhaps from a little different perspective.

      Right now I can create a page template from Control Panel "add template" "Mike's Theme", then click
      "configuration" and open up the template in a new window. Then from "Manage Pages" add a theme, or custom CSS, or completely pre-define the look and feel (perhaps this would be a branding application).
      When I then return to my full page and click "add page" and select my page template "Mike's Theme" from the drop down there is no theme applied. However, I can go back to the template from Control Panel, view it on a preview browser and the theme is still there.

      So first of all, I find this behavior inconsistent, the theme appears
      when viewing the template as an asset in Control Panel but not when deploying it in an actual site.

      Secondly, if I tried all the above with a site template instead of a page template, it works as expected.
      I can apply theme, stylesheets to a site template and that theme persists in the "asset view" in Control
      Panel as well as when I deploy it in a community or organization. Once again, inconsistent usage between
      page and site templates.

      Third, it seems to me that not being able to apply a theme to a page template severely limits the
      usefulness of having page templates in the first place.

      I discovered this behavior during a sales presentation when I was demo'ing the "ease" with which
      non technical users can deploy pre-formatted pages complete with branding and theming already applied.

      I was surprised to find that this is not the case because it just seems so intuitive, especially
      when site templates DO behave this way.






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