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Blog, document, and wiki comment's create and modified time change to current time during remote staging process


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      1. In instance A create a community A.
      2. In community A add a page with blog portlet and 2 comments. Note the time the comments were created.
      3. Create another instance; instance B.
      4. Log into the instance B and create a community; community B. Note the group ID.
      5. In instance A, remote stage the page created in step 2 using the group ID of the community created in step 4.
      6. "Publish to remote Live Now" for Community A, using the Group ID for Community B.
      7. Go to community B, Note that the comment posted times are the same as the importation time.
      8. Apply patch lpe-3591-5376
      9. Repeat Step 6.
      10. The comments' posted time is still that of importation, not the time of the post's creation.

      Work around:
      1. Delete Community B
      2. Recreate Community B.
      3. "Publish to remote Live Now" for community A, using the Group ID from the newly created Community B. Blog comments' posted time should be the same as the comment creation time.


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