Add the functionality of locking and automatically propagating changes to site templates. The basic functionality is the following:

      1. Inheritance
      There is an option at site creation to link the new site to the site template it is created from. This way a site will always know it's template and will apply the changes made to template according to the following rules and options. If the site is created with the "clone" option, it will not retain any connection to the template.

      2. Locked pages
      The template owner can lock pages that cannot be modified by site admins. Changes to the template pages are automatically applied to these pages (deletions and updates)

      3. New pages
      New pages added to the template are automatically added to sites based on this template.

      4. Allow modifications
      Setting this option on the template allows site owners to modify non-locked pages in the new site. This option is only checked on pages that are in the template. Pages added to the site itself will not be affected by this.

      5. Allow page addition
      This option controls whether site admins can add new pages to a site created from the template or not.




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