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Recent bloggers portlet doesn't show last bloggers when you delete a recent blog entry



      (Ticket split from LPS-19035)

      Recent blogger portlet doesn't show last bloggers when you delete a blog entry at following cases:

      *When you delete last entry for a recent blogger, steps to reproduce:
      1- Create two users (test and test2)
      2- Login as test and create a entry blog
      3- Login as test2 and create entry blog
      4- Login as administrator user and add recent blogger portlet to guest page selecting the following configuration options:
      Selection Method: Users
      Organization: None
      Display Style: User Name and Image
      Maximum Bloggers to Display: 1
      5- Recent bloggers shows Test2 as last blogger
      6- Login as test2 and remove his entry blog from blog portlet
      7- Recent bloggers should show test as last blogger but is empty

      *This also ocurrs when you delete the last entry for recent blogger with more entries, recent bloggers portlet shows this user instead the last recent blogger.

      Blogsstatsuser table is not been updated properly during remove entry blog process.


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