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Login non-functional in portal instances created on manually sharded database



      It is impossible to login to a new portal instance created on a manually sharded datasource. Attempt to login with the credential test@[myNewInstanceHostName.com] always indicates authentication failure. Besides, test@liferay.com is allowed to login to [myNewInstanceHostName.com] even though the URL ought to be associated with only the new portal instance. This shows that the shard advice is not functioning.

      The experience is with both
      liferay-portal-tomcat-6.1.0-ALPHA-20110805.zip available to the BugSquad team as well as direct check out from trunk.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add JDBC connections to portal-ext.properties as necessary for sharding
      2. Enable manual shard in portal-ext.properties (Note: Manual and NOT round robin)
      3. Create a new portal instance (with a different virtual host name) on a shard datasource via the control panel
      4. From a browser try to login to the new instance.

      Login fails as described above.




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