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When opening a document library document in MS Word , you are prompted for a password every 10 minutes


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      While I this could hypothetically be categorized as a feature request I think this bug affects the user experience is such a negative way that I am going to file it as a bug

      Steps to reproduce :

      1) create a user jelmer and log in as this user
      2) drag a document library portlet on your public home page
      3) In microsoft Word (i am using 2003) create a document called blogje.doc and upload this document to your document library
      4) Open the following url in word
      5) https://localhost:8080/tunnel-web/secure/webdav/jelmer/document_library/blogje.doc

      This will prompt you for a username and password, After you enter those you will be able to edit this document and changes will be stored to the server over webdav.

      6) make a change, save once
      7) wait > 10 minutes , do nothing

      After about 10 minutes you will be prompted to enter your username and password again

      The reason this is happening is that even if you do nothing MS Word regularly (evey 2 minutes or so) requests a new lock on the document (see attached webdav log)

      When it makes it's request it sends along a digest in a Authorization header. SecureFilter uses this digest to authenticate the user by calling PortalUtil.getDigestAuthUserId(HttpServletRequest request) which will do NonceUtil.verify to validate the token passed along

      Unfortunately NonceUtil digest's have a built in expiration time of 10 minutes

      So every 10 minutes a 401 status is returned by liferay




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