I have created a structure and a template

      I created a web content based on the structure
      I provided content for the structure fields for English (create 2 items for the repeatable field)
      I set 1 field as localizable (field labeled "Poste")
      I added 2 translations, 1 for French, 1 for German
      I changed default language to French
      I provide content for both items for the localizable field "Poste"
      I publish my content (the content is shown through the Template)

      I edit the web content again, the translations for the field "Poste" have vanished in the editor
      When you publish again, they aren't shown anymore through the Template

      The same occurs if you provide translations for German...

      When you now switch back to English, the values provided for the English version are also gone.

      Is this the right way to provide translations for the Web Content or is there another way?
      Do I have to change the default language in order to be able to provide the translations?
      How can I provide 3 translations in 1 edit session? There is no longer a button "Save and Continue", only the "Save as Draft", "Publish" and "Cancel" buttons are available.


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