After a fresh build, start Liferay: when login form shows up, login as test.
      First problem is after license agrrement (to reminder query), you see a blank page with only a "<" char.
      If somehow you manege to get to control panel (trough back button), you will see the update_reminder_query form on top of CP layout.
      Proceed, and you find that almost any click is unusable or incomplete,e.g.:
      Contorl Panel Left Column: Site Settings->UI shows up but RIGHT link are inactive (ex: Site URL)
      Contorl Panel Left Column: Web Content -> UI PARTIALLY shows up (NO editor, only title) -> Right options lead to nowhere (ex:WCD Abstracts)
      Liferay Home Page:Can't add portlets to page (click unresponsive)

      Look like a JS error, via StripFilter, as you can see in the attached Liferay log file (BTW, great debug help to have it handy!)
      LR Log, at line 43 shows:
      ERROR [StripFilter:59] java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException

      and error replicates many times ( I tried shutdown& restart a couple of times)

      Additionally, at line 4 I get a OSGI error (not present before):
      ERROR [OSGiAdaptorImpl:248] org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanIsAbstractException: Error creating bean with name 'basePersistence': Bean definition is abstract

      Issue look minor to solve (maybe some unclosed JS) but critical for usability. I marked it major anyway.

      The issue has come up also yesterday (can't recal rev number).




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