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Web Content Display portlet is not working properly when a site is staged



      The web content display portlet is not working properly when a site is staged. The portlet does not display any web content in the staged page until the site is published. Upon publishing, the portlet will display web content in the staged page, but will not display at all in the live page.

      Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Activate staging for the default Liferay site
      2. View the staged site
      3. Add a page labelled "Web Content"
      4. Add a Web Content Display portlet
      5. Add Web Content using the portlet
      6. Upon publishing the web content, the user will simply see a blank web content display portlet
      7. Publish the site to live; set the range to "All" and flag all checkboxes
      8. View the staged site; the user will now see the newly added web content
      9. View the live site; the user will see the Web Content page, but the web content portlet will not be visible




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