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Format Issue in Detail Template. Clicking Edit expands Settings columns



      Clicking Edit on the fields in the Detail Template causes the columns for both Property Name and Value (under Settings) to expand. They continue to expand each time the Edit icon is clicked. This does not happen in Firefox or Chrome.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a page
      2. Add a Dynamic Data List Display portlet
      3. Add a list
        • Enter List 1 as the name
        • Click Select
        • Click Add
          • Enter test 1 as the name
          • Drag and drop the Number field
          • Drag and drop the Select field
          • Save
        • Select List 1
        • Save
      4. Click Add a Detail Template (lower left corner of the portlet)
      5. Click Settings
      6. Click the Number Field
      7. Click Edit
      8. Both the Property Name and Value Columns expand with each click of edit (see screenshot)


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