Smart GWT based portlets, are not being correctly shown in the Liferay Portal.

      Smart GWT applications, have a "pixel-perfect" approach, and so, they can't allow external CSS styling interfering with them.

      All the CSS from Smart GWT are based in the .class approach. And that create some conflicts with the portal theme CSS definitions.

      A clearly example is the base.css (classic theme) where we have padding and margin styling in basics elements (such as, TD, TR, DIV, TABLE, etc).

      The solution here, is to find a way to allow the CSS Portlet rules to have a high priority over the theme ones (maybe an option ?). Let me state than the SmartGWT CSS are loading by the JavaScript application itself.

      Quote from SmartGWT :

      "I'm seeing visual glitches like unnecessary scrollbars, gaps in headers or misplaced elements :

      You have external CSS in your project that is styling the basic browser elements (e.g. TD, TH,
      etc) which will interfere with pixel-perfect layout facilities provided by Smart GWT (or any
      similar system)."




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