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6.1 - Adding Comments to a Web Content article causes a console error if the User is subscribed to the comments



      When a user has subscribed to the comments for Web Content, if he adds or replies to a comment, he gets an error in the console. The UI says that it has saved successfully. And when he checks the email, the comments are not found in the email.

      Steps taken:
      1. Add a page.
      2. Add the Web Content display portlet.
      3. Add an article.
      4. Go to the Control Panel> Server Administration> Mail.
      5. Configure POP and SMTP for gmail.
      6. Go to the Control Panel> Portal Instance.
      7. Replace liferay.com in the Mail Domain field with gmail.com.
      8. Go to the Control Panel> Users and Organizations.
      9. Create a new user called test1. Enter a valid email address. Give him Roles/ View permission to see the Web Content article.
      10. Enter a comment to the article.
      11. Sign in as test1.
      12. Click Subscribe to Comments.
      13. Add a comment.
      14. Console errors.
      15. Check the gmail account. Verify that there should be an email notifying the user a comment has been added.


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