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Impossible to access a sub-sub-page as guest




      it is not possible to navigate to a sub page without having signed-in first. Step to reproduce:

      Liferay 6.1.0 Beta 3
      1) Create a new MySQL database
      2) Run Liferay for the first time against that database
      3) Login as test@liferay.com
      4) Go To Manage -> Site Pages
      5) Create a new Page e.g. Master
      6) Select the "Master" page in the tree
      7) Add a new child page to "Master" page e.g. Node
      8) Select the "Node" page in the tree
      9) Add a new child page to "Node" page e.g. Leaf
      10) Save all and return to the portal and refresh the page
      11) In the Top Navigation go to Master -> Node page
      12) On the "Node" page add a Navigation portlet
      13) In the Navigation portlet click on the "Leaf" page
      14) You can navigate to the "Leaf" page
      15) Sign-out from the portal
      16) As a guest Go to "Master -> Node"
      17) In the Navigation portlet click on Node

      18) Now observe the java process running your Tomcat. On my machine I now see the process consuming over 100% and the page never loads
      19) Cancel the load in your browser and click on Node again, the Java process should now consume up to 200%

      I run an 8 core MacPro and I've been able to see the CPU consumption of the java process grow up to some 700%.

      There are no stacktraces being produced. No significant errors in the Tomcat logs.

      Even entering the URL directly in the browser doesn't allow you to get to the page

      I have tried the same scenario with trunk and the problem still exists (this is my trunk Revision: 86333).

      On Beta 3 I also tested using a "standard" user sign-in having the "Power User" role and the page is still not visible.

      I created a new user in Liferay and gave him the "Administrator" role. After sign-in with that user the page shows up.



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