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Allow for the first page in a site to be inaccessible


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      My client wants a single landing page for all users. I did this but setting up a private site, and having the users all land there. I then arranged the 5 pages of that site in the order they should show up, based on role.

      So I had Pages:
      A | B | C | D | E

      And roles:

      A | B | C | D | E

      Now, if a user just has role D, and they try to go to the site like this:


      they should land on D, and see no tabs.

      If they have roles A, B, and D, they would land on page A, and see tabs A, B, and D.

      As long as they all have role A this is fine, but when I pull role A (no view permission for the default landing page of a group) they all fail. I would EXPECT them to roll into the page they have available.

      Expected behavior:

      User has role C and E, user navigates to http://localhost/group/landing

      they would land on page C, and see tabs C and E. Instead, right now I see they fail on a perm check for A, and just stop.




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