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The add page form within manage pages does not show the select to choose a page type


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      Another improvement


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Go to a site
      2. Click Manage > Site pages
      3. Click "Add page"
      4. The pop-up shows a form to create a new page. It should be showing as well a select to choose the type of page (portlet, url, embedded, ...) but it does not.

      I've researched the code and the problem is that the javascript that should show the select (or hide it if a template is chosen) is not working. I've traced the root cause to the fact that the empty option in the template select looks like this:

      <option value="null"></option>

      That value is obviously wrong. I've been researching when this started happening and it was when the TagBuilder was introduced replacing the old implementation of the tag. So there might be other things broken because of this


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