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Asset Publisher contains options for asset types that it can't handle



      In Asset Publisher >> Configuration, when Asset Selection is set to Manual, the "Select Existing" drop down menu becomes available. This menu contains the following options:

      Page Revision
      Dynamic Data List Record
      Blogs Entry
      Message Boards Message
      Wiki Page
      Bookmarks Entry
      Calendar Event
      Message Boards Category
      Document Library Document
      Web Content

      Of these options, only the following have matching options in the main portlet body's "Add New" drop down menu:
      -Blogs Entry
      -Bookmarks Entry
      -Calendar Event
      -Document Library Document
      -Web Content

      The following options are completely functional, but only appear on the "Select Existing" menu and not the "Add New" menu:
      -Message Boards Message
      -Wiki Page

      The following option fails to find any entries regardless of how many actually exist. The portlet displays the message "There are no results" and no exceptions are generated:

      The following options fail to find entries. Clicking on them loads a blank search results page that doesn't contain an error/info message, and exceptions are generated in the app server window stating something akin to "No AssetEntry exists with the key

      {classNameId=10015, classPK=10827}

      -Page Revision
      -Message Boards Category

      It should also be noted that the "Asset Selection" drop down menu contains all of these options as well, sans Page Revision, though selecting them from this list will not cause exceptions to be generated. The options that do not return results as noted above will not return any results when selected from this menu either, however.


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