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Organization's Site disappears from Control Panel menu after editing and saving the Organization



      A Site created for an Organization (during creation of the Organization) normally will be shown in the Control Panel's Group Selector as well as in the "Go To" menu in the dockbar. After editing that Organization, the Site disappears from the Group Selector, but remains in to "Go To" menu.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add new Organization "Org A" with "Organization site" activated.
      2. Add your current user as a member of "Org A".
      -> Now you see the Site "Org A" in Group Selector and Go To menu.
      3. Edit the Organization "Org A" by clicking on "Actions" > "Edit".
      4. Just click on "Save".
      -> The Site "Org A" now disappears from the Group Selector, but is still available in the Go To menu.

      There are no error messages in the console using the default log levels.

      The site reappears in the Group Selector after selecting a template for "Private Pages" or "Public Pages" in the Organization edit screen and saving the changes. However, if there already exists a layout set, this is not possible.




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