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Limit period default is not set when it is not configured in liferay-social.xml



      When limit period is not set explicitly in liferay-social.xml for a counter, it is not set to the default value of 1. This results in incorrect behavior when checking limits.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Enable Social Equity for Message Boards
      2. Disable "Read Message" by clicking the "X" icon
      3. Click limit for "Reply Message"
      4. Set contribution limit value to 1 but do not touch limit period
      5. Save
      6. Add a Message Board to the page and configure it so site members can reply to messages
      7. Post a new thread
      8. Create a new user and add it to the site
      9. Reply to the previous post twice
      10. Add a User Statistics portlet to the page and configure it to rank users by participation and contribution

      Although the limit was set to 1, the original poster received contribution points for both replies.




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