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Staging - Merging site variations creates two page variations with the same name but does not indicate which site variation each page variation originated from



      When merging two site variations, if both site variations have a page of the same name, and both of those pages have the same page variation name, after merging the page will show the two variations, but there will be no indication of which site variation each page variation came from.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a community site
        • Navigate to Control Panel > Sites
        • Click Add > Community Site
        • Enter Test Community Site for the site name
        • Click Save
      2. Activate local live staging with page versioning for the site
        • Click Staging on the right hand menu in the site details page
        • Click the Local Live radio button
        • Under Page Versioning, check the Enabled on Public Pages check box
        • Click Save
      3. Navigate to the community site's public pages
      4. Click Staging to display the staged view
      5. Create a new site variation
        • Click Staging > Manage Site Pages Variations
        • Click Add Site Pages Variation
        • Enter Variation 2 as the name
        • Click Add
      6. Merge Main Variation and Variation 2
        • Under Manage Site Pages Variations, click the Actions button next to Variation 2
        • Click Merge
        • Click Select next to Main Variation
      7. Click the Variation 2 tab in the staging dock bar.

      (See PageVariations.JPG for the result)
      There will be two "Main Variation" tabs. This is because the home page from Main Variation and Variation 2 both were on their main page variation. However, because their variations have the same name, Variation 2's page will show two main variations.

      The dock bar should indicate where each variation originated from.
      The tabs should display something like:
      Main Variation (from Main Variation) and Main Variation (from Variation 2)


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