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A site member cannot post a root level thread in Message Boards portlet view.



      In the Message Boards portlet view, a site member cannot post a root level thread. However, if the admin creates a category, the site member will be able to post a thread in that category. This is inconsistent.

      1. Navigate to Control panel
      2. Create a new Site1 from Community site template
      3. Click Roles > Add Site Role "SiteRole1"
      4. Click Actions > Define Permissions next to "SiteRole1"
        • Select "Site administration" from Add Permissions drop down
        • Flag the check box next to Action for Page, Page Variation, Site, Site Pages Variation
        • Save
      5. Create a new User
        • Assign user to Site1
          • Save
        • Add Roles > Site Roles > SiteRole1
          • Save
      6. Sign out as Admin and sign in as new user
      7. Navigate to Go to > Site1
      8. Click Home page

      You will notice that there is no Post New Thread button at the root level for site member to post the message.

      During testing it turned out the same problem exists for the Document and Media Library and Bookmark portlets as well.


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