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Kaleo Forms allows user to change read-only fields when editing a submission



      When a detail template has been created that has view only fields and is rejected for review, the user that completes the form is allowed to edit fields that have been set as read only.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy kaleo-web, kaleo-forms, kaleo-designer
      2. Go To -> Control Panel
      3. Click Dynamic Data Lists
      4. Click Manage Date Definitions
      5. Click Actions -> Manage Templates next to To Do
        • Click Add Detail Template
        • Enter Update in Name
        • Select Edit from the Mode drop down
        • Double Click the End Date field
        • Change the field to Read Only Yes
        • Double Click the Start Date field
        • Change the field to Read Only Yes
        • Click Save
      6. Click Close dialog
      7. Back to liferay.com
      8. Add a page
      9. Add Kaleo Forms portlet
      10. Click Processes tab
      11. Click Add
      12. Enter a name
      13. Click Select under Entry Definition
        • Click link for To Do
      14. Click Select under Initial Form
        • Create an Initial Form
      15. Click Select under Workflow
        • Click link for Single Approver
      16. Click Assign under Workflow Task Forms
        • Click the Update node
          • Click Value next to Forms
          • Enter Update in the Form Template View
          • Click Save
        • Click Close
      17. Click Save
      18. Click Summary tab
      19. Click Submit New -> Test
      20. Fill out the fields
      21. Refresh the page
      22. Click Actions -> Assign to Me
        • Click OK
      23. Click Actions -> Reject
        • Click OK
      24. Click Actions -> Complete Form
      25. Form allows user to edit read only fields


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