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Date field reverts to 1/1/70 when a form is submitted and a new date is not picked



      When a user resubmits a form for approval and does not pick a new date in the date picker field, the date reverts back to 1/1/70.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy kaleo-web, kaleo-forms, kaleo-designer
      2. Go To -> Control Panel
      3. Click Dynamic Data Lists
      4. Click Manage Date Definitions
      5. Click Actions -> Manage Templates next to To Do
        • Click Add Detail Template
        • Enter Update in Name
        • Select Edit from the Mode drop down
        • Double Click the End Date field
        • Change the field to Read Only Yes
        • Double Click the Start Date field
        • Change the field to Read Only Yes
        • Click Save
      6. Click Close dialog
      7. Back to liferay.com
      8. Add a page
      9. Add Kaleo Forms portlet
      10. Click Processes tab
      11. Click Add
      12. Enter a name
      13. Click Select under Entry Definition
        • Click link for To Do
      14. Click Select under Initial Form
        • Create an Initial Form
      15. Click Select under Workflow
        • Click link for Single Approver
      16. Click Assign under Workflow Task Forms
        • Click the Update node
          • Click Value next to Forms
          • Enter Update in the Form Template View
          • Click Save
        • Click Close
      17. Click Save
      18. Click Summary tab
      19. Click Submit New -> Test
      20. Fill out the fields
      21. Refresh the page
      22. Click Actions -> Assign to Me
        • Click OK
      23. Click Actions -> Reject
        • Click OK
      24. Click Actions -> Complete Form
        • Click OK
      25. Click Actions
      26. Click the Task
        • Dates have reverted to 1/1/70


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