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Staging - Added Web Content does not display in the Select window if the Web Content Portlet is not staged



      When the web content display portlet is not staged, added web content will not display in the Select window.

      1. Activate Local Live staging for liferay.com, but leave Web Content Display portlet unstaged
        • Navigate to Control Panel > Site Settings
        • Click Staging
        • Click Local Live
        • Unflag the Web Content Display check box
        • Click Save
      2. Navigate to the liferay.com staged environment
      3. Add web content
        • Click Manage > Site Content
        • Click Web Content
        • Click Add
        • Enter a title and content and click Publish
      4. Add a Web Content Display portlet.
      5. Click the Select Web Content icon. A message will display saying that no content is found. The user will be unable to select the web content he or she created.


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