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Kaleo Designer: faulty interaction between XML and GUI view



      Nodes added to the workflow via the GUI cannot be deleted via the XML source tab. The user can remove the XML code, but everything will be reverted once the user clicks the "View" GUI tab or attempts to save the draft or publish. Note that nodes added via the XML editor will be properly displayed in the GUI tab, and can be successfully deleted in either tab.

      1.) Deploy kaleo-web, kaleo-forms-portlet, and kaleo-designer-portlet
      2.) Add the Kaleo Forms portlet to a page
      3.) Click Processes
      4.) Click Add
      5.) Select an Entry Definition
      6.) Click Select under Workflow
      7.) Click Add Definition
      8.) Drag a Task node into the workflow GUI
      9.) Click the Source (Kaleo XML) tab
      10.) Delete the section of the code surrounded by <task> ... </task> (including the <task> tags)
      11a.) Click the View tab
      11b.) Click Save Draft/Add Draft
      11c.) Click Publish (if draft is already added)
      The task will still be displayed in the GUI, and the XML code for the task will be back in the XML editor.

      Sometimes this bug will only occur the second time a node is added via the GUI (the XML editor is occasionally able to delete the node the first time). This bug should occur with all nodes, not just the task node.




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