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User gets Contribution Score points when commenting on their own BLOG post



      User gets Contribution Score points when commenting on their own blog post. This is inconsistent with the Message Boards check. The user gets both contribution score and participation score when they reply to a post they created.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Navigate to Control Panel > Social Activity
      2. Flag the Blogs Entry check box, Select Blogs Entry
        • Remove "When a User: Reads a Blog"
        • Remove "When a User: Subscribes to a Blog"
        • "When a User: Adds a Blog" - 5 Participation, 0 Contribution
        • "When a User: Adds a Comment" - 2 Participation, 2 Contribution
        • Save
      3. Back to liferay.com
      4. Add User statistics portlet
        • Assert that "There are no active users for this period." displays
      5. Add a Blog portlet
      6. Add Blog Entry 1
        • Assert that Admin Contribution score: 0; Participation Score: 5
      7. Add a comment to Blog Entry 1
        • Contribution score changes and the invisible check placed in Message Boards is not in place in blogs.

      Expected: Contribution score does not change
      Actual: Contribution score increases by 2




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