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Submissions withdrawn from Kaleo by Site Members remain as drafts in the Mine folder, which can only be deleted and not resubmitted



      1. start Liferay portal, deploy Kaleo-Web and log in as test/test
      2. add the Documents & Media portlet
      3. click the dropdown menu next to 'Home' in the left navigational pane, and select ' Edit'
      4. select 'Single Approver (Version 1)' from the drop-down menu, and click Save
      5. create a new user named 'user2' and assign him to the liferay.com site
      6. log into liferay portal on a second browser with user2
      7. As User2, navigate to the Documents & Media portlet
      8. As User2, click Add > Basic Document, and select a generic document, and Publish
      9. switch back to test/test, in the primary browser
      10. Navigate to Control Panel > My Workflow Tasks
      11. Click on the uploaded document > Assign to Me > OK > Reject > OK
      12. switch back to user2
      13. As User2, navigate to Control Panel > My Submissions
      14. As User2, Click on the uploaded document, and then click Withdraw Submission
        There may be an error message appearing, saying that the user does not have the required permissions to withdraw his document.(LPS-23960)
      15. As User2, Navigate back to the Documents & Media portlet and, at the root level, click on 'Mine' in the left navigational pane

      The "withdrawn" file will be present in the Mine folder. It will have a 'draft' status, and cannot be submitted again as-is to the workflow; if a new version of the document is created and uploaded, that will also not be submitted into the workflow.


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