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Permission - Page gets stuck loading when a user tries to access a child page created by the admin, and the permissions for the parent page is modified



      When a user tries to access a child page created by the admin and the permissions has been modified for the parent page the screen gets stuck on loading. No exceptions occur in the console.

      1. Create a new site
      2. Create a new User and assign the user to the site
      3. Admin create a page called "Main" in the site
      4. Admin grants Site Member permissions to "Add Page"
      5. User logs in and creates a child page under "Main" called "User child page"
      6. Admin creates a child page under "User child page" called "Admin child page"
      7. Admin removes the Delete permission on the Owner for the "User child Page"
      8. User goes to Manage Pages, accesses User Child Page, and tries to access Admin child page


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