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Web Content Addition / Updates Email Notifications fail.



      Before you start up liferay make sure that you have the following properties in your portal-ext.properties:


      Here are the steps to reproduce this issue:

      1. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Server Administration -> Mail"
      2. Configure the mail server settings.
      3. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Portal Instances".
      4. Edit the Portal Instance's Mail Domain to gmail.com.
        • Click on the Portal Instance.
        • Fill in the Mail Domain(Required).
        • Click Save.
      5. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Users and Organizations".
      6. Add a User w/ a real Gmail address.
        • Click the Add button.
        • Click User from the Add menu.
        • Fill in the Screen Name(Required) field.
        • Fill in the Email Address(Required) field w/ a real Gmail Address.
        • Fill in the First Name(Required) field.
      7. Change the User password.
        • Click the Password tab.
        • Fill in the New Password field.
        • Fill in the Enter Again field.
        • Click the Save button.
      8. Assign the user to the Guest site
        • Click the Sites tab.
        • Click Select from the Sites tab.
        • Click Liferay from the pop-up.
        • Click the Save button.
      9. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Roles".
      10. Add a new Regular Role.
        • Click the Regular Role button on the Add menu.
        • Fill in the Name (Required)
        • Click Save.
      11. Define the Permissions for the newly created Role to allow Subscribe and Access in Control Panel.
        • Click the Actions button next to the new Role.
        • Click Define Permissions on the Actions menu.
        • Select Web Content from the Add Permissions drop down menu in the Site Content section.
        • Check off the Subscribe checkbox in the Web Content Management section.
        • Click Save.
        • Select Web Content from the Add Permissions drop down menu in the Control Panel: Site section.
        • Check off the Access in Control Panel checkbox in the Web Content section.
        • Click Save.
      12. Assign the new user to this new role.
        • Click the Assign Members tab.
        • Click the Available tab.
        • Search for your new user, then select that user.
        • Click Update Associations.
      13. Sign out.
      14. Sign in as the new user.
      15. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Web Content".
      16. Subscribe to the Web Content Portlet.
        • Click Subscribe.
      17. Sign out.
      18. Sign in as the Super Admin.
      19. Navigate to "Control Panel -> Web Content".
      20. Configure the Web Content Email Notification to be sent if a Web Content is added.
        • Click the Options icon in the top right corner.
        • Click Configuration from the options drop down menu.
        • Click the Web Content Added Email.
        • Check off the Enabled checkbox.
        • Click Save.
        • Click the X to close the pop-up box.
      21. Add a Web Content.
        • Click Add.
        • Fill in the Title (Required) field.
        • Fill in the Content field.
        • Click Publish.
          • The attached Exception will be thrown.
          • The Email Notification will not be sent out to the User.

        • This error does not occur in this environment:
          • Tomcat 7.0 + MySQL 5. 6.1.x Revision: 95072.


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