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Allow a user to edit content and retract submission after submitting content for publication



      After a user submits content or changes for publication, if the user realizes there is a mistake, the user will not be able retract the submission. The user would have to wait until the approver either approves or rejects the submission.

      The user can go back to the content and edit it, but the "Submit for publication" button will be grayed out, so the user will have to click "Save". This creates two workflow tasks for the approver.

      Instead, the user should be allowed to retract the submission or make changes and edits to the current submission and then resubmit.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Deploy Kaleo Web
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Workflow Configuration
      3. For Web Content, select Single Approver (Version 1)
      4. Click Web Content in the Control Panel
      5. Add web content and submit it for publication.




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