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Workflow - Add resubmit button when editing rejected content



      If a user's submission is rejected by a content reviewer, that user would have to edit the content, save, then go back to the workflow task to resubmit it. If a resubmit button was added to the page where the user is editing the rejected content, that would save the user a couple extra clicks.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Deploy Kaleo Web
      2. Navigate to Control Panel > Workflow Configuration
      3. Set Blogs to Single Approver (Version 1) and click Save
      4. Add a blog entry and submit it for publication.
      5. Navigate to Control Panel > My Workflow Tasks
      6. Assign the blog entry to the admin user and then reject the blog entry
      7. Click on the rejected task.
      8. Click Edit. (See Resubmit1.JPG)
      9. The user can edit the content, but the user would have to save and go back to the workflow task screen to resubmit. (See Resubmit2.JPG).




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