Steps to reproduce the issue:

      1. Add the Web Content Display portlet in a page
      2. Click on Export/Import (in the portlet options bar besides the close icon)
      3. See that the "Selected" Web Content is disabled (it can not be unchecked)
      4. Uncheck the "Data" checkbox and check it again --> now you can uncheck the disabled checkbox

      More tests that should be done to test this:

      TEST 1:
      1. Create a site
      2. Add 1 blog and 2 web contents
      3. Export only the web contents to a LAR
      4. Create another site
      5. Import the LAR into the new site
      6. Assert that both web contents are now present in the new site and the blog is not

      TEST 2:
      1. Create 3 pages
      2. Activate Staging (Local Live)
      3. Check "Enabled On Public Pages", "Enabled On Private Pages", and "Blogs"
      4. Add a portlet to each page
      5. Click "Mark as Ready for Publication" on each page
      6. Click "Publish to Live Now"
      7. Select Pages > Change Selection
      8. Check the first two pages and click Select
      9. Click publish
      10. View the live site
      11. Assert that only the first two pages have the portlet and the third one does not

      TEST 3
      1. Create 1 page
      2. Add a web content display portlet and a blog portlet to the page
      3. Add a web content article and display it in the portlet, and add a blog entry to the blog
      4. Activate Staging (Local Live)
      5. Check "Enabled On Public Pages", "Enabled On Private Pages", and "Blogs"
      6. Edit the web content article and the blog entry
      7. Click "Publish to Live Now"
      8. Make sure Web Content Display is checked and Blogs is unchecked under Data
      9. Click publish
      10. View the live site
      11. Assert you can see the edits to the web content but not to the blog entry




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